Creation of principalHacker defense
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In the ever-changing Internet era, we have always thought of serving our customers wholeheartedly, building a network security technology service environment without geographical and time restrictions, and relying on superior security technology to enable us to monitor and eliminate any network threats encountered by enterprises.

Always insight into the vulnerability of the entire Internet information, as well as the latest attack methods of hackers. And because of that, we have an attack Multi-dimensional defense method, the so-called unknown attack, how to know defense, know yourself and know the enemy, a hundred battles will not be dangerous!

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Use the mind of a hacker
Build a safe line of defense

With a professional security team, the website vulnerability information platform built over the years constantly monitors vulnerability threats, simulates hacker attacks to conduct security tests on business systems, and finds out earlier than hackers, which can lead to enterprise data leakage, asset damage, data tampering, etc. Vulnerabilities and assist enterprises to fix them.

It is our responsibility to provide all-round server security solutions for Windows systems and Linux systems for various customers. Effectively solve all the worries related to server security for customers. Manual military-standardized security deployment can better and more comprehensively analyze the status of your server, do a good job in the security of each customer's website, and serve each customer well.

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HACKTEAM Penetration testing Resolve any issues

Provide a clear goal plan

  • Hacker mind gets WebSHELL
  • Defense Hacker against
  • It is applicable to the WEB or APP
  • Top hacker technology team